Commodities Outlook Panel

I recently sat on the 121 Mining Investment Commodities Outlook Panel to discus the highs and lows for 2021.

Watch us discuss issues such as:

  • Impacts of COVID-19 on the commodities markets and how we see the rebound shaping up
  • Changes in investor sentiment over the past year and the significance of this in determining commodity pricing
  • Impact of ESG
  • How we see mining equities responding to commodity prices this coming year
  • With the growing focus on decarbonization, how is the discussion around commodities and the energy space shifting?


  • John Forwood, Chief Investment Officer, Lowell Resources Fund Management
  • Warren Gilman, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Queen’s Road Capital
  • Daniel Hynes, Senior Commodity Strategist, ANZ
  • Jason Chang, CEO and Managing Director, EMR Capital

Author: danielhynes